We’re Launching a New Impact Investing Webinar Series

Rehana Nathoo
3 min readJun 9, 2020

It’s time to build — and share — more knowledge about impact investing.

In our April newsletter, we made a commitment to use #COVID19 — and the way it has disrupted the way we live, work, and connect — as an opportunity to do more. For us, that means actively designing and disseminating critically needed resources around impact investing, for anyone who’s interested.

The conversation around impact investing, and particularly the opportunity to use impact principles to redesign the parts of our system that are visibly broken is more important now than ever.

As a community of impact investing practitioners, we have two equally important tasks:

Encouraging rigorous intention-setting by explaining what impact investing is and can be, and creating easily digestible resources to educate new entrants.

Moving from that Intention to Action by continuing to push ourselves and each other to design products that actually have impact built-in, while keeping our attention fixed on the communities and groups we’re hoping to serve.


We work with a lot of organizations embarking on that first task. They are typically new to impact investing but committed to getting started. For many of our clients, generating that commitment was — in and of itself — a difficult task. And even with that commitment in hand, the challenging work continues. As they begin to design their impact strategies, these organizations will be required to answer complicated questions that demand long-term, cost-effective and innovative thinking.

For these catalytic organizations, access to information is a critical first step. That’s why we created the Impact Investing Strategy Toolkit — a modular series that shares our methodology on the strategy design process. It’s free to download and use, and covers all four areas of our work (Strategy Design, Training and Advisory, Product Design, and Thought Leadership.)

And though we feel that making this type of information widely available is a critical first step, it is just a first step.


Within the impact investing community, we’re fortunate to partner with a range of catalytic businesses that convert that intention into action. These incredible intermediaries work to deliver real value across a range of services — from managing wealth, to fundraising, to structuring new products, and providing legal and advisory services. These critical services continue to propel us forward.

Today, we’re launching a new tool for organizations that are ready for that second, and equally critical task — “Why and How: An Impact Investing Webinar Series.”

The Why and How Webinar Series will create a forum to dig in on the many areas of service delivery within the impact investing ecosystem. Alongside experts and activators deeply steeped in this work, we’ll dig in on what they do, trends they are seeing within the ecosystem, and what the last few months of intense urgency and change means for our work.

The next two episodes are coming IN JULY:

  • Join us on Wed. July 8th @ 11am ET for Episode 2: Meeting Asset Owners Where They Are
  • Join us on Thur. July 30th @11am ET for Episode 3: Impact Measurement and Management

You can watch Episode 1 here.



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